New Best Diamond Art Kits Tips & Tricks 2024

A hobby which helps you to pass your time well as well as gives you deep satisfaction and refreshment is hard to find. If you already know about Diamond Painting, then you are lucky because you have already found one! Diamond Art is such an amazing activity that it gives a sensation of relaxation and achievement at the same time.

The Art of Diamond Painting has various names like “Jewel Painting”, “Bead Painting”, “Gem Painting”, “Rhinestone Painting”, and “Crystal Painting”. So, if you see any of the previously mentioned names, do not confuse yourself, all these names belong to the same family.

Before we jump into our amazing tips& tricks for diamond painters, if you are new to this art, check out our guide about What is Diamond Painting Art An ultimate guide for beginners will give you every inch of the basic knowledge about Diamond Art.

7 Top Diamond Painting Tips & Tricks


 New Diamond Art Painting Tips & Tricks 2021

1. Be Prepared Before Starting

    Whenever you going to start diamond painting, make sure everything is complete. Always before starting any new Diamond Art Project, check the complete kit. Make sure the canvas is in good shape and condition. Check out all the drills' colors and quantity. Also, check all the required tools and accessories. In this way, you will not face any issues in the middle of your project.

    2. Upgrade Your Organization

      Having a good storage system where all your diamonds are cleanly labeled and filled in separate spaces will save a lot of your time and will also prevent you from fatigue by searching every color again and again. That’s why a good storage system plays a vital in the diamond painters community. As a beginner, if you don’t want to spend money on storage boxes, then Egg Cartons are the best alternative for storage boxes.

      New Diamond Art Painting Tips & Tricks 2021

      3. Invest in a LED Light Pad

        Putting a canvas above a LED Light Pad will bright up your painting area. Light Pad is one of the most popular and helpful essential in the Diamond Art Society. Because its light makes it easier for you to see the symbols on the canvas more easily and clearly. I pad can also be used as an alternative to this but relatively considered as an expensive alternative 😏 Or you can check our LED Light Pad It is one of the best-selling products.

        New Diamond Art Painting Tips & Tricks 2021

        4. Start With The Easy & Simple Paintings

          If you are a beginner, and just stepped into the world of Gem Art, then try to start with some easy and small paintings. The Diamond Paintings which are more complex in colors or large in size can be considered a bit difficult for the newbies. So always choose the designs which are easy in terms of complexity and not very big in size. A Partial Drill Diamond Painting is also good to start with. If you don't know the difference between the partial drill and full drill Diamond Paintings, you can check our guide Partial Drill Vs Full Drill - Which is the Best For Diamond Painting Kits

          New Diamond Art Painting Tips & Tricks 2021
          5. Use Square Drills For Better Results

            Despite the fact that round drills are easier to pick and apply on the canvas, it is recommended to use Square Diamond/Drills because the Square stones do not leave the spaces in between when applied on the canvas. Whereas the round beads leave the spaces when applied to the canvas. So, by covering every inch of the canvas, the Square Diamonds Art give more clear and shiny Diamond Art results.

            New Diamond Art Painting Tips & Tricks 2021

            6. Do not Remove the Protective Sheet At Once

              Yes, you read the right. Do not remove the above protective sheet all at once. It can cause the glue to dry very soon before you even apply any diamonds on the canvas. So, choose one corner of the Diamond Painting Canvas and peel off the protective sheet from a small portion and start painting.

              New Diamond Art Painting Tips & Tricks 2021

              7. Use A 3D Code Technique

                Attach the Diamonds with glue/tape as a sample next to their symbols on the canvas color code chart. In this way by investing a few minutes before starting your painting, you have solved your problem of searching for diamonds every time, before it occurs. Now, whenever you will switch between the colors, you can quickly reference the Diamonds you need.

                With all these diamond painting tips in your arsenal, you are well on your way to a good diamond painting start. Concentrate and you will be more active in a few days.

                For now, these tips will make diamond painting more useful. But don't frown yet while we chat, our experts are still on the lookout for the best advice. Keep an eye out for this place for more updates.

                If any of these tricks & tips helped you, or if you have any suggestions or some awesome tips, let us know in the comments below.

                SEE YOU! 😉


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