Partial Drill vs Full Drill - Which Is The Best For Diamond Painting Kits?

What is the difference between Partial Drills and Full Drills diamond painting? A question that we hear very often. Well, today all your questions and confusions will be cleared about this question.


Let us first sneak into a basic terminology in the world of diamond painting; Diamond drill.

The diamond drill is simply a synonym for the diamond gems that will be positioned on your canvas. They are the diamond beads that create the picture on the canvas. There are two types of drills, round & square. Round drills are circular diamonds that are easier to handle, and they don't completely cover the canvas.

Square drills are a bit too difficult to do as compared to round drills. However, the square diamonds give a more clean finish look and give the mosaic effect to the paintings, whereas round drills are eminent for their cross-stitching impact.


Partial Drill

As the name suggests a painting described as a partial drill you will only put diamonds on part of the canvas. You will put diamonds on the part that has symbols on it. The other part won’t have any diamonds on it, and will often act as the background. There is a variance in how much of the canvas you will put diamonds on.

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Full Drill

Full drill canvases are those in which the entire canvas is covered by diamonds. Many people believe that a painting with a full drill gives a better end result. The reason is that everything looks the same and the sparkle is equal on it.

Our Best Full Drill Diamond Painting Kits

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Which One Is Better?

Well, there is no specific answer to that. Diamond painting is a creative activity that helps you to focus your mind on one task, ease stress, and get your creative fluid flowing. When it comes to full drill vs. partial drill, it’s important to select a diamond art kit that suits you and you are comfortable in doing it.

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