5D DIY Special Shaped Mandala Diamond Painting - All Diamond Painting Art

5D DIY Special Shaped Mandala Diamond Painting

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Introducing the best form of Art “Diamond Painting

This is a Special Shaped Diamond Painting.

What will happen when I paint?

  • It helps you to release your Stress.
  • It makes you feel Relax.
  • Diamond Painting brings Self Confidence.
  • It really helps to improve Mental Health & Recover yourself from all the daily routine fatigues.
  • The feeling of achieving something Marvelous will bring Happiness to your life.

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What’s included in the kit?

  1. A smooth high-quality Canvas.
  2. Diamond Applicator Pen.
  3. A Tray to sort Diamonds.
  4. Glue for the pen.
  5. Labeled bags of diamonds